InSync crashes trying to sync some large files

Constant crashing when trying to sync some large files (downloading), can be reproduced almost every time from some cloud directories.

It only seems to happen with bigger files – not sure if it’s a size thing or just an issue that would always happen on any size file if it ran long enough, but that’s the pattern.

The other idiosyncrasy is that it doesn’t happen with all sync sources, or at least not all the time. Some cloud directories always seem to be an issue, others with equally large files I haven’t seen it happen. It happens on different GSuite accounts though.

Bug Description:
When InSync starts up it loads the queued file list, starts downloading, and after a few GB of all the queued files it seems to give up and “crash”. I say crash in quotes because it doesn’t actually hang, the interface just glitches out, file syncing stops, and a little red error flag goes up in the tray icon. I can’t actually read the error because the UI is broken at that point:

Edit: another view, it just flickers those boxes around when you move the mouse:

Usually you can quit InSync from the Tray context menu, sometimes you have to kill the process.

My workaround is to sync one file at a time, wait for it to finish, then start the next, etc. Seems like if I spread the workload out it doesn’t choke. Not a lot of fun when I’ve got dozens or hundreds of files to do this way.

InSync is up to date, but this has happened pretty regularly in all 3.0 builds I’ve used. Windows 1909.

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Hi @fifthlegion,

Thank you so much for the report! We have received similar reports about this and have escalated this issue to our engineers.

PS-- I edited your post to hide the link to your log files for security purposes. :slight_smile: