Insync Crashes Ubuntu MATE 1704


Here is a Video of me trying to start INSYNC on a new Install of Ubuntu MATE 1704:

Once I select a Folder and hit START, then the App crashes. I tried it on two different PCs. The Verison is: 1.3.15


thanks for reporting, tagging our engineer @lpugoy :slight_smile:


@omicronkappa278: Apologies for not replying sooner. Please try the test build for Ubuntu 17.04 available here: New Insync version: 1.3.15.


I installed insync on my Gnome Ubuntu 17.04

gmellini@hammershark:~/.config/Insync$ dpkg-query -l insync
ii insync amd64 Google Drive sync and backup with multiple account support

When I launch insync the application start and I can get authorization from my google account.
After I selected the folder where I want to put my insync files.
After that, when I want to proceed, insync crashes.

I got the log while the program crash, and is the following

==> out.txt <==
“”, line 236 in serve_forever
File “isyncd/linux/portable/”, line 76 in __serve
File “”, line 763 in run
File “”, line 810 in __bootstrap_inner
File “”, line 783 in __bootstrap

Thread 0x00007fc206ffd700:
File “”, line 339 in wait
File “”, line 620 in wait
File “isyncd/linux/”, line 47 in invoke_in_qt_thread
File “isyncd/linux/”, line 58 in wrapper
File “ideskui/”, line 40 in call_js
File “ideskui/”, line 440 in __update_account
File “ideskui/”, line 363 in __on_account_added
File “gevent/”, line 390 in run

Current thread 0x00007fc223b70700:
File “”, line 117 in main
File “”, line 180 in
File “”, line 128 in
File “”, line 6 in

As you can see there is an exception on that crashes the program
Please fix this, at the moment I cannot use insync



I found a different thread with specific builds for Ubuntu 17.04

I’m downloading now and reporting back if the builds are working as expected


Ok the specific builds fix the problem


I have a similar problem with Ubuntu MATE 1704 and Insync 1.3.16, the aplication starts, asks for google login info and then crashes.


@Gherhardt_Mathisz: Apologies for the trouble. Please try downloading the package specific to your distribution from in the Installers section.