Insync decorators and menu items no longer seen in Nautilus on Ubuntu 14.04

I am having some problems with inSync. I think I need some help to get this corrected.
The current symptoms are.

  1. Folder and file decorators that indicate a folder is selected for syncing don’t show up in Nautilus anymore.
  2. Right click menu in Nautilus does not show any of the inSync related items.
  3. There is a “!” in a red circle marking the inSync gadget on the top right of the desktop screen.
  4. When I bring up the app window there are 13 actions required items. Each has a magnifying glass as at the end of the line. Each of these are from a hidden .meteor directory that I was trying to keep from syncing. It looks like it is trying to delete files from the hidden folder.
  5. It looks like it succeeded in deleting some files from the hidden folder. It looks like I need to rebuild my meteor project.

My environment is Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit.

Recent actions.

  1. I run updates every day. I think the application is up to date.
  2. I had noticed recently that inSync was getting error s when I was running a meteor server in one of the project folders that I have set up to sync.
  3. I believe the problem is because of the servers activity in a hidden folder “.meteor” that sits in each meteor project. To solve the problem identified in item #2 I picked “selective sync” for the “.meteor” folder in one of my meteor projects. This was done from Nautilus.

The conditions listed in the first section seem to be a direct result of this third action. The question is how do I fix it? In the interest of full disclosure I have a bunch of other meteor projects that also need the “.meteor” folder excluded. So the second question would have to be, how do I do this in the future without setting my hair on fire? I am just trying to get inSync to ignore this folder. I need to do this without risking damage to my other projects.

@James_Grimaldi: Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

For 1 and 2, do they happen for all folders under your Insync folder or only for some?