Insync Deleted a whole folder on Drive and started re-uploading everything from laptop!

This morning while I was browings through news, I notice the increased upload activity. When I looked into it, I realised that insync was uploading significant amount of data, which was odd as I had not changed/created any documents.

I looked in more detail and realised that it was uploading documents that were already on Google Drice (and some had been there for years and were in fact created on a different machine). When I checked on Google Drive, I found that number of my high level folders had been deleted (they were in BIN) and Insync was re-uploading the data it moved to BIN from my home laptop.

At the time I had 1.2.7. I have now updated to 1.2.8 but too concerned to run Insync again, in fear that it will continue deleting folders on Drive and uploading them…

Any ideas as to why this happened? How do I stop it? Is there a way to reverse the process, as with the damage done I already have 6000 high res photos to upload!


@dce I see, that is very strange and worrying indeed. Are you running Insync or any other Google Drive syncing client on more than one machine? Could it have been due to activity on a different machine?

What you can do in this case is to delete the unwanted duplicates from Drive web, and then move the uploading folders out of your Insync directory. This will stop the re-uploading. Then, you can restore the original folders from the Drive Bin. Note that this will however necessitate re-downloading them if you want to keep them synced to your machine (otherwise, you can choose to selectively unsync them, which will keep them on Drive but not download them to your machine).

In order for us to look at the root cause of this issue, would you mind sending in your logs ( How to find the log files ) to

I do have insync on more than one machine but the other was off at the time.

I have switched off insync for now, until we know what went wrong. I am yet to understand the extend of the damage that was caused by this glitch. I have 4 accounts with you. This one is my personal one and it seems so far that the problem is limited to one main and big folder (in fact the largest folder in terms of size).

I hope you can find out the cause as it is very worrying!

I have checked and it is more than one folder