Insync doenst sync more than 20 files, and stops every time


I am using, Ubuntu 16.04 running insynq headless.
When ever i Setup my system, in syncs with my Google drive account,
root@fileserver2016:~/.config/Insync# sudo insync-headless get_status

Run insync-headless help for help with a specific command
root@fileserver2016:~/.config/Insync# sudo insync-headless get_recent_changes
You added xxxxxxxx.pdf in xxxx
You added xxxxxxxxxx.doc in xxxx
You added OHSxxxxxxEspanhol.pdf in Nxxxx
You added prxxxxxx.pdf in Nxxx
You added Rxxxxx in Noxxxxxx
You added Cxxxxxx8 in Nxxxxx
You added xxxxxxx7xxxxx in Nxxxxxx
You added xxxxxxas in Pasta
You added x in Sxxxxx
You added xxxx in _c
You added xxxx in _c
You added _c in efxxxxx
You added reun xxx27.doc in Wxxxxx
You added xxxxxxx.doc in Wxxxxx
You added xxxxxxx.xls in Pxxxx
You added fxxxx5.pdf in Wxxxxxx
You added xxxxxe.jpg in Wxxxx
You added xxxxxx.doc in Wxxxxxx
You added texb in Pasta
You added xxxx in Pasta

It syncs about, 20 files or folders, and stops…without warning.
We are backuping a big amount of data and syncing them into a googledrive account with about 115gb of space. The file tree, has folders, and hardlinks to the bakup location, so we can sync these hardlinks into gdrive.

This has proven to work, but insync, only uploads about 20 files or so, and i dont even know what it starts it, i just have to re-do all the reboot process of insync.

tagging our engineer @lpugoy and he will get back to you.

@Hugo_Almeida: Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

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Hello, somehow i was abble to resolve that. But now, i got complains insync is not syncing some folders… when i got to the get status, i shows me unlinked, and when i got to account information it shows a blank line. All of this in headless version running on Ubuntu 16.04.