Insync eager to delete files when I add&edit them iTunes

I have recently noticed that if I add files to iTunes (whose dirs are synced) and edit their tags, insync will delete some of these files.

I suspect this is due to iTune’s “consolidation” process (i.e. renaming the files according to the tag): they appear to insync as if they have just moved from one directory to the other, but instead of just acknowledging the new location it decides to move the files into the .insync-trash directory, forcing me to pause insync move them back again. Sometimes insync does it again and again!

Is there a workaround besides pausing before I add new files to iTunes?

Setup: Insync 1.2.7, Win7 x64, iTunes 12.1

@norman Unfortunately, I didn’t quite understand the issue you are facing. If the files are being moved to the .insync-trash directory, it means these files are being deleted remotely (either on web or via another client installation). Kindly send to us the compressed copy of the logs.db, out.txt and dbs folder at How to find the log files


Indeed it doesn’t make much sense, since I do not share these files with anyone (myself included, during the time the issue appears). I have sent the files to support and referenced this thread.