Insync headless failed to sync unless managed

I have been using insync-headless 1.5.7 to sync with google drive for a while now. However, I have noticed the files are failing to sync recently from the team drive. Nevertheless, if I go into the manage select files mode (insync-headless manage_selective_sync EMAIL) and visit each folder, these files are synced again. Any idea how I can fix this issue?

Let me bring this up with our Linux team, @Hanson_Lee. To confirm, is the cloud to local sync not working in general (except when you visit each folder) or does it only happen on your Team Drive files?

This happens in both the google drive and team drive

Gotcha, thanks for letting me know. I’ve raised this with our Linux team so we can advise you accordingly!

In the meantime, I am wondering if I can run a script or something to force the sync?

Hi @Hanson_Lee thanks for patiently waiting! Could you send me your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? These should be located in ~/.config/Insync.