Insync helper not working anymore after I purchased a License


I recently purchased an Insync license for my Google account. After I made the purchase, I am not able to open google documents anymore (.gddoc, .gdsheet) using Insync helper. Has anyone had this issue before? I am running Linux Mint 19.2

I have the same problem. But my license is older, and seems to be ok.

Insync v3.0.22.40446. License windows says: “You are on Prime”. But the shortcuts doesn’t works anymore.

Hi. I just installed Insync v3.0.22.40446 and the helper application was not work either. However, when running at the command line “insync open-cloud <*>”, the file was correctly opened!

The issue can be fixed by editing “/usr/share/applications/insync-helper.desktop” and changing the last line (Exec) to “Exec=insync open-cloud %F”.


Thanks so much man, it worked. You are a lifesaver.

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I rarely use it, but with the change now it works.
Thank you.