Insync is reuploading existing files


I use Insync to backup all my photos from my QNAP Nas, when the upload is completed everything works fine for a while. Then when I don’t use the iMac for some weeks and start it up again, Insync starts uploading all 12.000 files again. Everything stays the same in Google drive, but new files won’t be uploaded until Insync finishes the 12.000 files, and this take time. Why is this happening, is there any setting I have missed? And why doesn’t Insync see that all these files already are in Google drive, and just skip them?


Sorry for the late response @googstad!

Did you have to sign in with that account again? Are you sure that there aren’t any duplicates being created on Drive?

Could you send your logs to so that we may troubleshoot further?

I am having a similar problem. Insync is reuploading all my files (over 350,000 files) when all of the files currently exist on google drive. It appears that the files online in google drive are being put into the trash bin.

@Justin_Jacobson: Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.