Insync & kubuntu - recursive deselect

Hi team,

Unselecting a folder in selective sync doesn’t unselect the children.

These are call records, so there are thousands of children - how do I solve this?


Hmm children should be unselected as well. tagging our engineer @lpugoy

You can also send me your log files to for investigation.

@estmar: Yes, please send your logs for investigation as we don’t have enough details to determine the cause. Thanks.

141125 items queued. This is not acceptable.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and then deleted the config and allowed it to recreate itself.

Further, I have just checked in a number of these folders, and there are no files under them anymore. Surely Insync wouldn’t have somehow got confused and deleted the call recordings that I don’t have any other copies of, right? Surely I can trust this program…

Where do I send the logs to?

@estmar: Apologies for not indicating in my previous message. Please send your logs to

I ended up deleting my account entirely and re-downloading from scratch. It seems to have solved the problem for now, but I’ll post back in this thread if there are any more issues (for future Googlers).