Insync messed up folders on Google Drive?

I use Insync to upload my new photo collections from external hard drive to my existing set of photo collections organised in folders on Google Drive.
I have set it to sync few subfolders from the folder called “Photos”.
After a while I noticed that I can’t find other subfolders on Google Drive, those which were not set to be synced. The “Photos” folder on Google Drive looked the same as my local “Photos” on external hard drive. Not synced subfolders were missing on Google Drive.
I found a “Photos” folder in the Trash on Google Drive and I moved it back from Trash and now there are two “Photos” folders. The old one with all collections and the other with folders synced to hard drive.

It looks like the old “Photos” folder has been moved to the trash and then a new folder “Photos” was uploaded by Insync.
I have connected external drive, turned on Insync and after a while it has created “Photos (2)” on hard drive and started to download the duplicated. I can’t even pause it because it resumes automatically - that’s known bug.

Hi there, can you kindly send in your logs (How to find the log files) along with the link to this post to so we can investigate?

cc @jimperio

Hi @jaduenas,
I’ve sent logs to support.

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