Insync Messes up my folder structure

I am having a terrible time. I have two google drive accounts, one is shared between 4 users and the other is shared between 3. We use google drive because we collaborate a lot on documents, so automatic syncing is important. I have the following problems:
Insync REPEATABLY messes up my folder structure, on both accounts. The Google Drive structure is fine.
Once, when I changed my file location, I expected it to just download the content from Google Drive, but it deleted everything off google drive and off everybody’s hard drives. I lost everything.
When it does download, it often takes more than a week. As an example, my laptop has been stuck at between 27600 and 27500 files for more than 24 hours. It goes down, then goes back up, then down, then up, without seeming to get anywhere.

I am getting tired of fixing my file structure. I don’t appear to be able to upload my log file but I would really, really like this to be fixed, OR tell me the workaround. Deleting my database record is not an option: I have used this to repair the folder structure in the past, however I have over 100GB of files and it a) takes too long, b) loses files, and c) kills my bandwidth.

Hi @sfindlay I apologize for this inconvenience. We will have our engineers work on this. Can you kindly send in your logs (How to find the log files) along with the link to this post to, and we will promptly work on this.