Insync not syncing (Fedora 24)

My folders are in indefinite hang. When I open them on drive none of the changes I have been making locally are uploaded to drive.

I checking the error file:
$insync get_errors
Can’t process .scrutinizer.yml - {“error”:{“code”:500,“message”:null}}
then to see how many are still waiting…
$ insync get_sync_progress
15637 files queued

Suggestions are welcome.

Can you send in the link to this post along with your logs (here’s how to find them: How to find the log files) to so we can investigate this further?

Don’t have a “tray” icon. I am using Fedora 24 with gnome. Can you give me the command line for what you are looking for?

they are the files logs.db and out.txt in the ~/.config/Insync folder.