Insync not syncing new children after upgrade to v3

I upgraded to version 3 (I am on Ubuntu 18.04). Upgrade went well, but syncing of new files is problematic.

There is a difference between folders inside the base folder (in new Insync, they show as grey folder, no path indication) and the folders outside the base folder (in the new Insync, they show as blue folders with path to the folder):

  • For synched folders that are outside the basefolder, new files added to the folders are not being synced to the cloud. In fact, Insync does not seem to detect them as they do not show Insync.
  • When adding files to a folder inside the basefolder, the files is synced without problem.
  • This problem does not occur on Windows.
  • I see no option (as in the previous version) to sync children of partially synced folder

Hi @pvb,

Did you reuse the old 1.5 folder as your Base Folder? :slight_smile: For the folder colours, you’re right-- the ones that are synced cloud-to-local are grey, whereas folders that were synced via Local Selective Sync are blue. This helps user find where the local folder is on the computer.

I’ll have one of my teammates test this out on Ubuntu 18.04. Is the local folder (outside the Base Folder) within an external drive? Can you also confirm what Insync version you’re currently using?

I am having the same issues…