Insync takes about an hour to sync and update

Well this is unusual.

I bought Insync for my own use at the job few months ago and I loved it, it’s fast, syncs faster than the official client, and has support for gnu/linux. I use Linux Mint and I’m very glad with it.

Now I have another computer with windows 7, it works fine but isntead of use the google client I use Insync in this second machine also. All works fine but this week I noticed that the sync time is too long, it takes almost 1 hour to check changes and update it. The problem is that I need my information updated for work and I can’t wait so long for start to do my tasks. Today it took too mmucho time and I can’t start with my activities. I can’t find a log option in the settings of insync and I can’t find a way to ensure it’s connected.

I read few topics similar to mine, I don’t know hwat’s happenning, but we need a solution as soon as possible. I’m using Insync version


Hi @Aradnix can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files

Hi Janine Dueñas

Thanks for the explanation. I could send you the log file for it examination. Fortunatelly during the week I could work without problems. In other order of ideas, how can I send you the log? I can attatch only image files.


You can upload it to Google Drive and send it to as a link :slight_smile: