Insync tray icon disappear after ubnutu 18 upgrade


Hi guys,

After upgrading to ubuntu 18.04 from ubuntu 16.04, i have reinstalled insync, but the tray icon is now missing.

It seams that insync is running, but without tray icon. Any help is welcome!




sni-qt not installed --> bingo!



I have the same problem with Ubuntu 18.04. sni-qt is installed.

The problem appears to be specifically with qt apps and gnome shell. See

A bad workaround: alt-F2, then “r” to restart gnome-shell. If insync was running, you’ll have to insync stop and then start it again (insync start).


Hey @Reece,

Can you try downloading our latest 1.5.2 build here and see if it solves the issue for you? :slight_smile: