INSYNC upload is DEAD SLOW and always starts syncing from Scratch

I just purchased InSync yesterday and I’m really disappointed with its performance. It’s so dead slow.l It’s taking over 2 days to sync 20 Gb of files on a 100mbps upload connection.

Secondly, the folder i wanted to sync was the same folder that Google drive sync client was using. I thought INsync doesn’t have to do the Sync again from start. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like thats the case. Insync is doing the syncing all over again from scratch. It’s quite annoying. There’s quite a list of features you have but it isn’t worth it if the foundation of the app is full of limitations and bugs.

I couldn’t use the trial before purchasing because for some reason, it kept saying that there are 0 days left and the trial has expired. I didn’t mind purchasing it. But, I’m not happy after purchasing it. It’s terribly slow in syncing, 10 times slower than google’s client despite all it’s extra features. :frowning:

Hi there, can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to We apologize for the inconvenience.
How to find the log files