Insync uploads old versions of files, overwriting newer versions

I run Insync on 2 laptops (1 Ubuntu, 1 windows 10) and my desktop (Windows 10).
I use the desktop everyday and Ubuntu laptop everyday and they sync just fine.
The other day I booted my Windows laptop and it started uploading old versions of files instead of downloading the latest version I had just created on my desktop a few minutes earlier.

These files are changed multiple times everyday on my desktop machine and my windows laptop just uploaded 3 week old files, which my desktop started downloading. I didn’t notice it until the next morning, when I opened it up on my desktop.

Now it just happened again, 1 week later, I boot my laptop and started uploading the 4 weeks old files and I lost the files which I had just recreated.

For now I have added the file types to the ignore list on my desktop and set them to “Upload Only”, but I would like it to sync normally.

I will tag our engineer @lpugoy in this and he will get back to you :smile:

@Jixel: Please send the logs for all 3 of your systems to How to find the log files. Thanks.