Insync won't sync existing folder

I’ve installed Insync and have choosed an existing folder with 220 GB data. Insync don’t sync the folder to Google Drive! I cannot see Insync is a good software - it don’t do anything! What would be wrong?

Another bug: It shows files & folders that have been deleted in MyDriev overview … I think i uninstall and try an other software, this is not really doing anything work … :frowning:

hi @Christian_Mayr, thanks for reporting. please send your log files to so our engineers can investigate

How to find log files: How to find the log files

Oh, come now, Christian, one person’s experience, which might not even be the fault of the software, does not make Insync “bad software.” Before you complain next time, try working with the support group at Insync first; they have always been helpful when I needed them, and most of my problems have been self-inflicted.