Insync won't work after reboot after first instsllation

I use a fresh Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 wily.

Well first, Insync is awesome. it’s smooth and extremely comfortable.
Yet, I was disappointed right after the first reboot after the first installation. The day after I installed Insync, on startup, I saw where the status icons are placed, an icon with no logo, I figured it’s Insync’s. After a minute or less, the icon disappeared so I figured I should try and start Insync manually to figure it out, But without any success. I reinstalled the app and it worked fine just like the day before.
When I install Insync fresh, it works great but unfortunately I have to reinstall it over and over again after every reboot every time I want to keep syncing up.
Is this a well known issue?

BTW: I had the same issue exactly with Dropbox when I used their native service for Linux, at that time I had Ubuntu Unity 14.04 LTS and the same bug exactly was present at the time.

Is it something wrong with the way I install Insync? Installation was really easy - Just add a the repository and sudo apt-get install insync. Should I also sudo apt-get install insync-nautilus? What about the extra packages as well? such as gir1.2-nautilus-3.0 and python-nautilus?

Why is it that Insync can’t be installed within 1 package only?

Any Help Appreciated

Hi @Doron-Behar will be tagging our engineer @lpugoy to help you out.

While waiting for his response, can you let me know if this works for you?
After adding an account you should have been prompted to install the integration with your file manager. If this isn’t the case you can get the integration for your file manager from in the Packages section. After installing you might need to restart your file manager for the integration to take effect.


@Doron-Behar: The insync package should be enough to sync your Drive files. The insync-nautilus package adds emblems and context menus for Insync to Nautilus.

I can’t reproduce your issue unfortunately. Please check the suggestions here if they help: (LINUX) How to solve the issue “tray icon is not showing”. If the issue is still present please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.