Insynch crashing Dolphin

Hi everyone. We are going to check this out further. In the meantime, you may uninstall the insync-dolphin package and I’ll notify this thread once the issue has been resolved.

What is the impact of removing this package? What does change?

Dolphin integration will stop worming, it is throwing baby with the bathwater, completely useless advice. I understand there is probably half a guy working on Linux side of things but crashes could really be taken care of…

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Hi @vfbsilva

The Insync app will be unaffected when removing the Dolphin integration package. The Dolphin integration package provides right click Insync options and file emblems. Since our current Dolphin integration build is crashing for you, there is no impact.


Note it is only crashing when uploading the files. It is working fine otherwise. I wonder if Insync can reproduce this?

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Let me check that with @Kurt_Ko!

I disagree, just clicking with the right button and accessing the actions menu would crash for me.