Insynchq Website down?


Got an upgrade notification on my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop today so when through the process. However the client couldn’t connect to Google Drive. The icon kept acting as though it would connect and then disconnect. After a few minutes my Chrome browser crashed and restarted. I noticed one of the new tabs was trying to connect to the Insynchq website (my guess is to authenticate to Google Drive). But it can’t hit the website. I’m not able to connect to the website at all (I can connect to the forums obviously).
I have a second Ubuntu 16.04 and I skipped the upgrade on that one and the client is working fine.

Again my guess is the update is trying to authenticate via Insynchq to Google Drive, but since the site appears to be down it’s not working.



It appears to be up now…and the client on my laptop is working again.


Thanks for reporting! Website is back up.