Is there a way to edit a Gfile synced with Insync Offline?


Hi use Google Drive a lot, but I really need to be able to edit all my Gfiles documents/presentations/spreadsheets while I have no Internet connection.

Is there an app/extension I can use to edit those files? I mean to open in offline mode the google files? I mean, what is the point of sync all my files in my computer but I am not able to edit it while I have no internet connection? :smiley:



Hi @MarcoLetona,

If you don’t mind me asking, is converting the files to Microsoft Office/ Open Office format not a possibility on your computer or workflow? :sweat_smile:

The only solution I see that still uses the Google Drive files is through the Google Drive client or the Google Drive Chrome extension, you can check the official guide from Google for this.

Let me know if this helps or if you have anything else to ask.


Hi @najdc, thanks for the quick response.
I travel a lot and not always have internet connection. I wish I could find a solution so I can sync all my docs and be able to edit them without having to convert any file.
Thanks anyway :sweat_smile:


In Linux there is no official google drive client unfortunately, the extension could work though.