Is there a way to permanently block "Shared with me" files from asking to be sunc to desktop?


Hi there,

We just purchased InSync for our organization and are working to create a better folder hierarchy within our organization.

The issue we’re having is that InSync keeps asking people if they wish to sync files that are shared with them, as a popup when that file is shared, and we have people whom either click Yes, or leave it be (and claim that the files automatically sync when the individual does not respond to the popup bubble).

As you can imagine, this creates a huge headache when the folder on people’s computers does not reflect their folder structure in their My Drive space (in Google Drive), and they cant find files they assume are in their My Drive.

What we need is to at least disable this popup bubble that asks users to sync shared files, or a way to turn off syncing “shard with me” files altogether (this being preferred).

So I guess this is both a question and a feature request.

Mikhail Nitko


Hi Mikhail,

There is no way to turn off notifications for shared with me but as a workaround you can turn off notifications for Insync as a whole: How to disable pop-up notifications

I will add this to our feature requests as well.

Thank you.


So a year has passed and this spamming feature is still disturbing my workflow and impossible to turn off.