Just paid my 30 bucks - nada


no. i did NOT get a free trial. nothing synced. so i went ahead and - like some shmuck outta the binary options handbook - went and paid the 30 dollars. still nothing syncing. on the robot help no reaction. nada. i am afraid i’ve jsut thrown away good money.


Hi there!

Could you please provide us with the exact steps taken while setting your parameters in the insync app ? Screenshots would also help a lot! Details like the size of your data, the number of files, and so on, will allow the insync team to have a look at that issue.

I want to honestly say you didn’t throw your money away. The support here is great and they will treat you as a important customer; not simply another user :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this, and have a great evening (seen from my time) !


Hi @ofer_barsadeh,

Our team has already reached out to you via email. :slight_smile: It seems like the license was applied to your other account as opposed to what you wanted to use.

Just hit reply here in case it hasn’t been resolved. I hope you had a great weekend!