KDE Dolphin overlay icons


new insync 3.16 works great under KDE 5.9.5 and Dolphin 17.04.1… but no overlay icons at all.

Do you plan to add this (almost indispensable) feature?

Tnx for your great work,


@rrkradio: Apologies, no plans as of yet. There is an experimental plugin available here (https://github.com/insynchq/dolphin-insync-plugin) but it only works with KDE 4.


@lpugoy I’ve been waiting for this feature for a very long time (and I bet all other KDE users out there too).

There is a publicly available dolphin plugin that adds overlay icons for Dropbox. You could grab the code and adapt it to Insync.

It’s in the dolphin-plugins package (on openSUSE).


@lpugoy : Now with KDE Plasma more popular than ever it would be good if Insync could offer overlay icons for Dolphin. There’s a plugin for Dropbox that works great. I’m sure it can be adapted to work for Insynch.


KDE is more popular than ever. Dropbox is crippling their Linux support. Now is the time for inSync to offer full KDE support with overlay icons in Dolphin! Please!


We’re listening! :slight_smile: I’ve noted this down and will bring it up with our team accordingly.