Lack of reliable synchronization

I have been trying out Insync (paid version) for two days and I am not impressed yet. In most of my tests, I let the Windows 10 system to itself for hours to see if the synchronization will eventually take place automatically; my conclusion is that, if it does not take place within a few seconds, it will not take place until I manually perform a stop-and-resume. Note that synchronization at the root directory is more likely to happen (but is often only partially completed) than synchronization of changes in subdirectories.

Is that your experience as well? Is there something I can do to improve the synchronization behaviour?

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Hi there, this seems like an issue. Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files

By lack of timely support, I have uninstalled Insync. I have already sent the log through chat. If a solution is found, I will consider reinstalling Insync. In the mean time, I am experimenting with Google Drive File Stream.

And how good was your experience with Google Drive File Stream?

I must admit that my experience with Google Drive File Stream has been very positive so far. The synchronization has been flawless to date and rapid. Even the transport of 170 gigabytes of data from my computer to the Google Drive account using Google Drive File Stream has been without a hickup. (Sorry.)

The only issue is that it runs in Windows (and Mac but I don’t use a Mac) and not Linux.