Linux never starts syncing files

I’ve installed Insync from the debian jessie repositories (version and during the pkgconfig I got the normal popups that I’ve had before. However, folders initially synced, but files never synced.

Since, insync start --headless does not start on boot, but even if I start it manually files still do not sync. Folders made it down (somewhere along the line) but I have no files.

Of note, I’m running i3wm, and not running gnome or XFCE or anything that would spawn nautilus or similar.

Should I send my log into someone? Is there something specific I should check? Should I uninstall and reinstall? I’m comfortable doing what needs to be done here, short of debugging the actual application. :slight_smile:

@James_Hayhurst: Apologies for the trouble. Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.