Logs.db filling up my harddrive

I am a recent Insync user, and I synchronize two OneDrive accounts (one private, one corporate). Very few files are synchronized, in total less than 100MB of documents.

Yesterday I got a warning that my harddrive was full. After investigating, I saw that the InSync logs.db file was over 200GB in size (!). I thus deleted it. Just 36 hours later the logs.db file was 48,2GB (!!). To prevent my computer from locking up I therefore had no choice but to pause InSync synchronization.

How do I troubleshoot this? Or is this a known bug?

InSync version:
OS: Ubuntu 19.10

(logs not attached for obvious reasons: sharing gigabytes of logs is virtually impossible).

fixed in 3.0.30 – New Insync version: 3.0.30


When will it be available via the apt repository? It’s currently on 3.0.29.

it will when we push it out to our homepage. for now, you can just download it directly.

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