Missing tray icon on Fedora 27 - cannot determine sync status

I just upgraded to Fedora 27 (from 26) and they removed the system tray in this version.
I performed a test by adding a new file and it seems insync works and the file was uploaded to Google Drive

But still a method of knowing the sync status is needed.

Please help with this.

If you install the TopIcons Plus Gnome Shell extension from here: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1031/topicons/ you will be able to see the icon (also the Skype and Dropbox icons if you use those tools as well)

Thank you, it works fine.

I do have TopIcons Plus installed, but it doesn’t show insync icon when I login to a new GNOME session, even though the process is running and healthy (it reports “SYNCED” to “insync get_status”). I have to manually restart it (insync quit && insync start) so that it appears on the top status bar. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with TopIcons Plus because other apps (eg. SELinux Troubleshooter) appear just fine.

I just saw another thread about this, and this trick fixed the problem for me.


I don’t find the trick you mention, the link in that other post is related to ubuntu, here the problem rely for Fedora.

I got the same Problem with TopIcons, it don’t show the icon for current instance of insync.

Any fix or workarround for this ?

One thing I’ve noticed is that with the Top Icons Plus extensions I don’t see the tray icon when first login but the process is running. You can run the command “insync get_status” to verify.

I have just noticed it after make a dist-upgrade on openSUSE TW with KDE.

The trayicon just dissapeared.