More than 12 files shown while app says only 12 are shown

More than 12 files shown in the list, in fact it would be around more than 100, while the app says it is showing only 12 files. Please see some of the screenshots.
There are times when it doesnt upload or shows anything in the list and then times like now when it is showing much more than it is expected to.

Screenshot from 2020-08-26 03-53-54 Screenshot from 2020-08-26 03-54-45 Screenshot from 2020-08-26 03-55-09 Screenshot from 2020-08-26 03-55-41 Screenshot from 2020-08-26 03-56-07

Hi! This is Mara from Insync Support and thanks for reporting this to us! :sparkles:

Kindly send us your log files at along with a link to this forums post! :slight_smile: Other than the number of files showing inconsistently, do you have trouble syncing them?

Also, can you try updating your app to the latest version here? Let us know if this bug still persists.

I’ll wait for your e-mail! Stay safe. :raised_hands:

Thanks, updating to v3.2.6 helped get rid of this.

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