My Insync not working with Ubuntu trusty?


I’ve been using the last 6 months Insync page.
Then I installed in my home also Insync from because there were problems.
If I have my PC at home not turned off, then reported Insync running another instance.

A week ago I deleted the installation at home, because it made problems.
At the work still left.
At work does not work the program.

I have uninstalled the Insync and installed new.

Only synchronized not.
What can I do?

Hi there, can you let us know your OS so we can help you with this?

Hi jaduenas,
did you read the title?
Ubuntu Trusty. 14:04 LTS

Thanks for the help, I think it’s good that someone either accepts the problem.
I have the system installed and uninstalled as long until it went.
Thank you.
Grants it goes again.

@Vitali: Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.