New files not always syncing

Hi there, I’m somewhat new to InSync and am having an issue.

I use InSync to backup media to my Google Drive.
The media I’m backing up is downloaded from the internet automatically by another program… then when it’s downloaded, this other program places the newly downloaded file into my InSync sync folder.

The issue seems to be that new files that are downloaded WHILE InSync is currently syncing other files don’t seem to get synced until I restart InSync.

A new file will be added to my InSync folder and in Windows Explorer, that new file will not have a badge on it (synced files have green check marks, and file yet to be synced (or currently syncing) have blue circular arrows) - these particular files have neither. They will just sit there and not get synced.

I found out that when I restart inSync, by shutting it down / opening it again, it then finds these files and syncs them.

Why is this? I need this to run by itself without intervention.
Are there any log files I could look at that would hint at why this is happening?


Hi @rbutler81

Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so our engineers can investigate?
How to find the log files

Ok, I just an email to your support address with those files.