New files on server doesn't sync to computer



I have a problem to download new files added to my drive; they appears on the insync UI, shows that ther are syncyng, but really the aren’t and they don’t get synced.

How to reproduce it:

  1. have my drive partially synced to my computer
  2. add a shared with me file to the root of my drive

Expected behaviour:
the file get synced and downloaded into my drive folder

What happens:
The file appears on the insync UI.
The file looks like is in pending sync status (blue refresh icon on the icon file)
Nothing happens, doesn’t get synced

Also y tried to unsync and sync again the file without success.
I’m using insync 1.4.9 on Arch linux x64

Other think to note is that this problem isn’t happening with all files. Some are getting synced and others no and I really don’t know how to reproduce the error. But I have some files and folders that aren’t full synced, even if I mark to sync them.


Wile writing this, and during some test, all back to normal. It looks like is a delay that the UI has on listing the files.
please close it 'cause more test are needed


Hey @nsanz,

Thanks for reaching out! As you said, it may take a bit of time for the changes to be reflected on the UI. Could you also explain a bit more about the last bit you said? To close it because more tests are needed?


Just close it, as I need more test to report again. If I found the issue again I will make another report. So you can close this issue as is going to nowhere


Hey @nsanz

Noted on this. Thanks for testing it and let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: