New install of Insync duplicating and reuploading old folders

I installed Insync today. I am excited to try an alternative to google drive’s local sync app, which has been giving me issues (among other things, failing to upload or download files).

The problem is that the insync app gave me the choice of selecting a new folder or using the existing google drive folder. It said that it has thousands of items to sync, which didn’t seem right. I looked, and over the last hour it’s been happily duplicating random files that are already on the google drive cloud service. they are uploaded as

folder name_

I have paused insync at this time. I am tempted to uninstalled it, move the items out of my google drive folder, then point it at that folder, but i’m not sure if doing so will “delete” my google drive contents.

I deactivated and quit google drive sync before finishing the install of insync.

Hi @RGerber can you please send in the link to this post and your logs (How to find the log files) to so we can investigate this further?

cc @dipesh