No Indicators on Kubuntu


We have the option of downloading the Cab file for KDE Dolphin yet no indicators. Is this normal? I get icons for the folders but no indicators.

This is what my Kubuntu screen looks like:


Tagging our engineer @jimperio and @beatobongco and they will get back to you.


You might want to look at this:

It seems there are packages that you must manually install.

I don’t have a Ubuntu installation but I just tried to help you by searching for it because KDE in ARCH Linux also does not have any indicators other than a special icon for the incync folder.

Nothing like on GNOME telling you sync is up to date.




@omicronkappa278 What version of Kubuntu are you currently running? Also, would you mind re-uploading the screenshot? The Drive link you provided no longer seems to be accessible.


Sure I will check the link. Basically the sync happens perfectly and the icons for the folder changes but there are no indicator icons on the files. I wasnt sure if that was normal or not. I really like Kubuntu but I really hate not having check marks indicating if they have sync’d or not.