No initial sync on my window 10 laptop

I have installed inSync on my 2 computers. The one with windows seven encountered no problem for initial syncing but the other with windows 10 does not begin syncing : Insync app is launched but stay for a long time with “Scanning for change” and then “no ongoing change” is displayed.

Icons of insync on the insync folder of this computer does not appear and changes made in this folder are effectively not synced.


Hi @Franck_Patin I have replied to your email :smile:

I also have this same issue, but its Server 2012, was hoping the resolution could be posted for me to try please?


Hi @MrChris please email us over at with the link to this post as we need your logs to investigate.
How to find the log files

cc @dipesh

Syncing has began but very slowly and now it is again blocked on “591 items queued”. It is quite unpleasant because I can not use normally my laptop until InSync is functional on it.

Edit : I would ass that there are many files in error and I don’t know how to fix (there is only retry option, which doesn’t solve the problem) ?