Not all binary files synced properly

I am using insync between Windows and Linux, and sometimes binary files are not properly synced properly. The filename exists, but will have too small file sizes.

The problem occur at least when from Linux to WIndows, that is when I create binary files in Linux, and looked at the file synced files in windows.
Some files are OK, some are way too small in file size, and hence corrupted.

I have seen the problem with .avi files and binary .mat Matlab files.

Any hints at what I can do to remedy this?

An update:
When I sync between Linux machines I do not see the problems. But, on twp seperate Windows 10 machines, I see the same problems that some binary files are corrupted.

Also, When I open a ‘corrupted’ binary MAT file, I can see the contents is actually a pure text file. So, it seems some binary files, has the content of other pure text files, in some cases. This is quite disturbing

Hi @Thomas_Mejer_Hansen. When you mentioned that the filename exists but will have too small file sizes, may I confirm if the files have already synced (marked with a green check) on your app and local folders?

@Thomas_Mejer_Hansen: Could you send to us the logs.db file and “data” folder from C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Insync folder to and tell us which files have invalid contents on that machine?


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