Not seeing any Excel files

I just installed insync, and it picked up on my google drive flawlessly. All of my folders are showing. However, on first inspection I am not seeing any of my excel files no mater which folder I navigate to. Can someone please help me on this matter?

I am using Ubuntu 15.04.

Well I just started seeing them start to populate. I guess it does take a bit of time, which would make sense. I decided to post this anyway for anyone that has the same issue.

@mblanco2000 Are you syncing a lot of files, ~100k? This could be a case of Insync taking a while during the initial sync. Please try letting it run and continue its processing.

Please also check if there are entries in the “Actions required” and “Errors” sections.

Lastly if your other files have already been downloaded but not your Excel files please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files. You can compress them before sending to save space.

I am seeing everything now. I think it was just the initial setup. Everything seems great for now.