Not syncing properly across different computers

I have Insync running on a Mac and two PCs. When I rename a file on Mac (e.g. changing file name from ‘test1.doc’ to ‘test2.doc’), ‘test1.doc’ disappears from my PC and ‘test2.doc’ does not get added. On my PCs, it says ‘test1.doc’ has been deleted but does not see that ‘test2.doc’ has been added.

Before I realized this was happening, I have been searching hard for the missing files on my PC. When I came back to my Mac, the files that disappeared on my PC were still on my Mac in the same folder.

When I add a new file on my Mac, the same file gets added to my other two PCs without any problem. The problem occurs only when I make changes to existing files (e.g. changing file names), and those files disappearing on other computer caused many emergency situation for me. I constantly have to check the files on multiple computers and google online drive to ensure that no file is missing from any computer.

I have been using Insync for over a year, but I think I have been experiencing this only latest (or maybe I lost files without realizing all this time).

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @chopanda would you mind sending in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files