Not syncing (windows 7)

I’ve got an installation on a windows 7 system that stopped syncing 7 days ago… It’s generally an monitored computer, so I didn’t catch on until today.

The tray icon is greyed out, and nothing in errors/actions required/etc - just the ‘feed’ showing items synced 7 days ago.
My other computer (win 7) is syncing files just fine - and this computer should have been keeping up.

It looks like I’m logged in (insync shows my account icon), but as mentioned, the tray sits grey - I’ve added new files on this computer and it doesn’t do anything. Reboot and nothing. Closed and restarted insync, still nothing.

Any suggestions apart from uninstall and reinstall/redownload my entire google drive?
version 1.3.6 (for whatever reason, I had to manually update to that version on this particular computer - it didn’t auto update)

Hi @mcoyote I think we would need to investigate this. Can you kindly send in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files