'notify people' option in the share dialog not working

Recently, when I share a Google Drive file via insync, the ‘notify people’ option has stopped working. This used to send an email but it doesn’t happen any more, though the actual sharing works if the recipient manually checks ‘shared with me’ in Google Drive.

No sign of the emails in spam, either, so this doesn’t seem to be a spam filtering issue

Any ideas?

Hi @Lieu_Wilkinson,

Looks like I was able to replicate the issue. My apologies for the trouble! I’ve raised this to our engineers for investigation.

Any idea how long this investigation will take?

Apologies for the long wait, @Lieu_Wilkinson. Our engineers have been notified and this is a known issue; they were able to pinpoint what the root cause is in the code.

As to when the fix would be deployed, I will check with them where that is in the pipeline. Thank you for your patience!