openSUSE Leap 15.4 Support [with user workaround]

@Holger_Hees, what are you running for desktop environment? I am running KDE. Wondering if there is some sensitivity to desktop environment as opposed to display server.

Update from my side…if I start insync with the following command, it runs and seems to be syncing files, but no GUI appears:

insync start --qt-qpa-platform=eglfs

@corson.dave I’m running kde with x11

Hey all! I appreciate your discussion on this – I’ve sent the info to our engineers as a lead so we can address the issues on OpenSUSE 15.4.

Indeed we don’t want to force users to only use Wayland for the sake of Insync working. We’ll work on a more permanent solution for this. Thank you!

Hello everyone!

A user has helped us in figuring out a workaround while we line up a more permanent fix.

Please download the insync- package and follow the workaround mentioned here (i.e., replace in /usr/lib/insync by a link to /usr/lib64/

Let me know how it goes!

Shoutout to Karsten for this!

Thanks for the tip @mia! This work around fixes my system.

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@corson.dave Wonderful! Appreciate the feedback!

thanks a lot
i installed from this repo url: since opensuse-leap url did not seem to work

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