Original files permanently delete

I have a single Drive account synced on a Void Linux system, I am using and have been using insync since a year or so.

Today I noticed that Home > Errors pane had quite a few errors, there I see a lot of

The original file has been permanently deleted or unshared from you.

This only for google docs files, i.e. .gddoc and .gdsheet.

I do not have the automatic format conversion option enabled, I do have the .gddoc and .gdsheet files on my local folder, but the file_id referenced in it are no more on Google Drive web interface, nor they can be found in the Trash bin via web.

The log.db has a series of

Prompt added: FailedAddingGoogleFilePrompt(node_id=112430, name=‘Budget’, reason=‘The original file has been permanently deleted or unshared from you.’)

I contacted Google One support, they made me run the usual boilerplate (logout, login, find for file, check the trash bin) only to blame the “third party app” when they got there was one involved.

Has anyone experienced something like this?

Can this be InSync fault?

Notice that unlike other threads with lost files, what I am experiencing here is the loss of remote Google Docs files (and only those) while locally I keep having the .gddoc and .gdsheet.

Hi there! We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you also send us your log files so we can investigate on this issue? Please send them to support@insynchq.com along with a link to this post.

Thank you and we’ll wait for your email!

I can, I was honestly a bit worried about privacy. I know you do not get the API key with the requested files yet it’s a big blob of data your users are sending you.

In my case the deletion does not appear to have originated locally, I do have the .gddoc and .gdsheet but not the web counterpart. The odd bit is that Drive web interface does not show any activity in its log for those files.

Is there a scenario where the client would delete a Google Doc file in Drive while retaining its local reference?

If not we can conclude the deletion happened on web and was just not received by the local client for some reason.

I emailed description and required data, I mentioned this thread.

I think I have had the same or similar issue.

I am using

The log I see at Insync is “files deleted because it was unshared with you”.

My collaborator and I didn’t delete any file. And also I checked the logs at Google Drive just in case.

Any idea?

Hello @soygabimoreno! I have responded to your post here: Files deleted because it was unshared with you

Thank you!

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