Parallel Sync on Hard Drive and Computer

Hey everyone!

I bought Insynch in the hope of beeing able to have two instances of my one Google Drive backed up on my computer.

Ultimately, my goal is to have a complete backup of my drive on a Hard Drive, that I can pop in once in a while to do a full back-up, as well as having a selective sync on my main hard drive so I have access to my regularly used files.

I’m thinking of using one instance of Insych always on with the selective sync, and one instance Of Drive Backup for Mac connected to my hard drive that i’ll open only when I connect the HDD or to archive stuff.


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Hi there!

It is possible to use Insync and Google Backup and Sync at the same time, although this might produce conflicts in the future.

I’m curious about your use case though. Mind having a chat with me over email?

Of course!

Are you able to get my ebail through my profile?

Yup! Will email you directly.