Please help, duplicated folders!


This mostly has to do when I share a folder with a partner. He modifies a file inside the shared folder and then odd stuff starts to happen. In once instance, Insync was showing me that he had “shared folders with me” that were my own. Then these folders would get synced in my main Google Drive directory, and then they would go ahead and delete all the content in the folders…

Now, it seems like every time I turn on a new device using Insync, a duplicate folder of the one I shared gets created and thrown into the same parent directory. Last time, it deleted the original copy, and the copy is called “FolderName(2)”

As as I type this, the folder copies that were created by Insync in my main Google Drive directory have just synced in my Google Drive on… Yikes.


So I’ve seemed to have narrowed this down…

These folder duplicates/displacements are happening after login into Linux.

My current setup is 2 PC’s, but dual booting Windows and Linux. The Drive folder is shared between dual-booted operating systems. When I boot into Linux, things start happening! Any help with this?


Hi @Alexandre_Botelho I willt tag our engineers @dipesh and @lpugoy to help with your case.


@Alexandre_Botelho: “The Drive folder is shared between dual-booted operating systems” - Unfortunately such a configuration is not supported and is expected to cause conflicts/duplicates. No two Insync instances (or Insync + another syncing client) should use the same physical folder.



According to the first reply in this thread, file matching was supposed to resolve this issue. A user even posted a similar concern at the bottom of that thread.

In fact, this is the sole reason I paid 20$ to get Insync. Extremely disappointing…

Is this configuration ever expected to work? The official client is capable of doing this for OSs that support said client. I don’t see why Insync couldn’t eventually do the same.


@Alexandre_Botelho: Unfortunately, this is not supported yet, some of the challenges being different export/ignore/selective sync etc. settings across different Insync instances. We do intend to support this but we can’t share any ETA for it as of now.



Would it be possible to add a feature to simply have it sync those settings across devices? I feel like I may not be the only one who would like that. In fact, it’s kind of a hassle to have to select the same folders with every instance anyway.