Problem with a single Sharepoint folder

I have a problem with a sharepoint folder that does not synchronize properly.

Indeed, all the subfolders don’t synchronize until I expand them in the tree of this sharepoint folder in the Insync application.

I have other Sharepoint folders that synchronize in this same location (\media$USERdisk_name) and that do not have this bug

And after about 30 min this folder systematically ends up in the Trash all by itself locally only on my computer while the others do not synchronize.

I have already tried to purge application, delete the .cache/Insync and .config/Insync and to reconfigure my OneDrive account but it doesn’t change

I am on Kubuntu 21.10

Thanks for your help

Hi @JacobJS!

That seems to be a problematic situation indeed. Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to These should be in ~/.config/Insync.

To follow up:

  • Is this problematic Sharepoint folder being constantly modified (whether Insync is running or not)?
  • Is there a noticeable pattern when it ends up in your local trash?
  • Could you clarify what you mean by “… while the others do not synchronize” – by “others” did you mean the other folders, as in it stops syncing altogether after the deletion?

Hi @JacobJS! I noticed you withdrew a post and wanted to ensure we check out the issue you reported.

It seems like I haven’t received an email from you - let me know otherwise so I can double-check our inbox :slight_smile: