Purchased License but unlock code not received


Hello, I bought my Prime InSync license and I paid with PayPal. But I did not get my activation code. I have written to the support (support@insynchq.com), but I have not received any response.

Please, can you review my problem and send my license? I paid for it.



Same here, i jsut purchased a prime license after trial expired but i am unable to log in dashboard as it says "trial expired, purchase, i got the notification from paypal but not the insync mail


same here, more than 24 h waiting


I’m on 72 hours and counting… I bought an additional license and have yet to receive it. I’ve tried the chat box, but despite the advertised hours of availability stating 8am to 11pm PST, they are only responding outside of those hours… So, any communication I do have is delayed by about 18-20 hours… This is absurd.


Hi there, so sorry about this. Can you send me a PM to let me know which Google Account is involved? I can activate this for you for free? We will refund your payment due to the inconvenience we have caused you.


It happened to me too, I sent an email and no answer so far!