Random 'deletion' of multiple files into .insync-trash folders

I found a lot of my files and folders were missing and after some digging around I found them in various insync-trash hidden folders - I had not moved or edited or deleted any of these files / folders and its really worrying they were moved around like this - just had to spend a long while figuring out how to best merge the folder contents back into their original place as many folders we duplicated so merging properly wasn’t easy.

Possibly it happened a couple of days ago when many strange errors appeared in my insync feed, which I didn’t understand - something about a missing time?

I have a log file I can upload to the bugs team?

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@neilthomson: Yes, please send them to support@insynchq.com.

I’m also experiencing this issue. Any news on a resolution?

Any feedback @ipugoy, wondering if I should turn insync back on or not?

@neilthomson: Apologies for not replying sooner. We’re still investigating your issue. If you want to run Insync you could backup your Insync folder and the folder shown where the log files are located (How to find the log files) to be safe.


I have a completely unlimited google drive so using it to backup my entire home/user folder. I chose inSync because it could handle such a large number of folders and soft links - all my fodlers are symlinked into my googledrive folder.

I turned insync back on a couple of days ago but I got the same error -

I have 26000 or so of these errors. Do you need another database dump?

InSync is unusable for me like this.

How did you manage to get an unlimited Google Drive?

@neilthomson: The 1.3.5 build should address this issue, please try it out. You can download it from www.insynchq.com/downloads.

Through my college, guess they have some kind of enterprise account?

Hi I have same problem. Several folders and files deleted (nobody did) and are in the insync.trash. The files are still in google drive but not in local. I have 1.4.6 version. Should I send the log file to support?

Hi, yes please. Kindly send your log files with the link to this post. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks I will send the log to support

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Alrighty! Email is support@insynchq.com :slight_smile:

I am now also having this problem with Team Drives.
Was there ever a resolution for this and can i assist with log files etc too?

Hey @dsx,

Kindly email us at support@insynchq.com with your log files and a link to this Topic. :slight_smile: You can also try downloading our latest 1.5 build to see if it solves the issue!


Thanks! Already done both and the problem is actually now accelerating and getting worse.
Very much look forward to finding out what is causing this and how to prevent it.