RE: Logging problem to the file


Hi has any progress been made related to this or is there a solution to this logging problem yet?

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Hi Pauli
Thank you for providing me the details. I’ll forward this to our engineer so we can check.

Mia from Insync
Hi Mia,
our insync-headless version is
Our OS version is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.5 (Maipo)
Thanks :slight_smile:

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we have a logging problem to the log file with --no-daemon attribute. We are using headless software in our integration server and using following command: insync-headless start --no-daemon >> /home/XXX/logs/insync.log 2>&1

We are able to log stdout and stderr directly to the console but if we start it like above nothing goes to the log file (no stdout or stderr).

Is there any help available for this problem? Is there some way how to get the logging working directly to the txt file with --no-daemon -attribute?

Our testing Insync email account: XXX

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Pauli Kukkohovi


Hi @Ilkka_Pirttimaa and team–

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. :frowning: Tagging our engineer @jimperio for assistance.



Any update on this?